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Universal Business Intelligence Software

      Our plug and play Business Intelligence (BI) tool version 1.0, released on Jan. 9th 2017
      is now available in the market
  • Designed with speed and ease of use in mind
  • No customization or custom coding needed just install and run
  • No data warehousing, just In-Memory Intelligent data Organizations and Computations
  • Utilizes Solutions Hub as its core
  • Builds reports out of ENOVIA V6 database
  • Reports available for all centrals and across centrals
  • Formats such as Excel, XML supported in version 1.0
  • Reports in PDF format will be available in version 1.1
  • All data within scope of the report
  • If a data element has been populated in ENOVIA V6 database, we deliver them
  • Relationship data are intelligently collated  and reported
  • Users decide which data they want on their reports via the comma separated text based  configuration file
  • Boolean of where clauses supported to filter out redundant data

  Future Releases
  • PDF format reports being developed and will be available in release 1.1
  • History Data to be mined and incorporated into the reports
  • Semantic query (e.g. How long an ECO is stuck in Review Status)
  • Also evaluating integration with Dassault Systemes EXALEAD product