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‚ÄčReliance Software Solutions is founded by Ashish Sinha. Ashish has a bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering from Univ. of Allahabad, India and a Master degree in Computer Science from State University of New York at Binghamton.

Software Development Experience
Over 15 years of Commercial Software Development Experience
  • Developer at Edgil Associates -  Artificial Intelligence company 3 + years
  • Senior developer at Aries Technology - a CAD/CAE company for 7+ years
  • Staff Engineer / Lead Developer for 6+ years at MatrixOne now known as ENOVIA PLM

Technology Consulting Experience
Over 10 years of ENOVIA PLM Consulting experience
  • Schlumberger Corp. (Energy / Oilfield services)
  • 3M Corporation (Consumer Goods)
  • 3M Corporation (Consumer Goods)
  • Cummins Inc (Automotive)
  • Bell Helicopter (Aerospace)
  • Spirit AeroSystems (Aerospace)